Raven Verses I

Responses to Robert Aitken, Zen Master Raven.

Mutually Dependent Arising
Jackrabbit knows about the chase,
And cuts right to it.
But that wasn't Raven's way in.
Everything is because everything else is, and vice-versa.
So what else could Raven do?
2017 May
Metaphysics: Oneness
What really happens
When you see a star?
Easy to say oneness --
It's not a star.
2017 May
The difference between mutually dependent arising and delicious waterweed?
Or between oneness and waterweed?
Standing on the doorstep
There is no difference to be found.
2017 May
Something Still Missing
A tiny portion of the rain fills up a few water barrels.
A larger portion carves out the deep canyons.
The teacher does not fill your lack
But arrives to be with you in absence.
2017 May
She has lived a thousand moons
by the mouth of the river.
Say it's a metaphor, and
she does not understand.
2017 Jun
Faith: No having or lacking.
Only doing or failing to
commit to the fullness of (your) being, with
heart and mind open to
the unknown, to
hints of new meaning.
2017 Jun
The Unborn
You and your questions
Your self and its jones on for meaning
From where does all that come?
From the unborn? The void?
2017 Jun
Turning Points
Cancer, maybe. Or heart disease, or a traffic accident, or "natural causes."
Something is coming for you, loaded for bear.
Bang! As old as it is new.
Bang! The turning point.
2017 Jun
"There is a Universal Love that has never broken faith with us and never will." (Walther Herz)
Winter winds, shivering chill
Summer mug, sticky sweat
Blue jay at noon, clear stars at night --
They are always keeping their promise.
2017 Jun
Birth and Death
We croak.
Startled croaking, calculated croaking --
Is this birth or death?
What else is freedom?

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