A Letter In My Pocket

Afraid of seeing straight through the window of my box
To the busy bowels of the Post Office
I stealthily approach the tiny cubicle
A bit of love, perhaps
Or nothing today?

White envelope visible. Smile playing now upon my face
Calmly I twist the dials of this misplaced dollhouse door
And like a gleeful pirate make off with my treasure
To some deserted classroom there to give my booty full attention.

A letter in my pocket!
I walk, hand feeling, the paper crinkles to my touch.
Grinning like a schoolgirl with a secret I pass by people
Nod and say hello
They know not what warm anticipation
I carry concealed in my jacket.

External me moves with control, determined destination.
Inside I leaping, excited, dancing, swirling joyous celebration

The envelop opened, letter read, words consumed
Rapidly at first, but slower further on
Sincere, loving words. Careful, loving scrawlings in the margin
I am peace now
The letter spread across the desk-top
I look around me,
Gladdened to inaction.


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