I'm Afraid It May Be Blue

An old man with a three day beard
And whiskey on his breath
Leaning on a lamppost outside a bar
On a night as cold as death
"Hey kid, can you spare a dollar?"
I gave him my coat and moved on.

The whores and junkies beckon me,
The muggers beat me up;
And the blind man on the ground down the alley
With nothing in his cup
Can be heard clearly stating:
"My daughter is a movie-star."
I said, "I've seen all her movies."

An aluminum and plastic office
With a sign above the door
Proclaiming that the one within
Is County Coroner of the World.
The typing is fast-efficient,
But the machine always skips "V" when it comes after "O"
That's the way it's done.

Standing in a deep, bright valley
There's a lot that can be seen
For miles around, the hard part is
To make the grass look green.


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