Sister Golden's Hair, Surprise

"I keep on thinking about you, Sister Golden Hair Surprise"
- Gerry Beckley, America

Sister Golden's hair, surprise,
Is greyer now and beautiful.
The skin around her eyes, looser, creasey, lovely
The blue of the iris maybe a touch faded.
The light brighter than ever.
Intently she saves the world, again and again.
I know -- I have seen her do it.
Or was that only me she saved?
It seemed to be the world.
"The brown ones are the young cranes," she told me once,
Thus rescuing all of earth and heaven.
Just yesterday we sipped coffee together and bowed.
Surely in that moment the universe was set right.
Today she counts loros' nest trees,
providing God with salvation once more.
Sister Golden's hair, surprise,
Her face, her body,
Manifest the transformation, the eschaton,
Herald the reign of heaven.
Is it only me?
It seems to be the world.

Gainesville, 2009.04.01

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