So You See

Guitarist, Fred, on grassy bank
He plays alone, he gets no thanks.
People on a break from jobs
Pass on by alone in mobs
His music's pleasure reaches no one's ear.

Machinist on a lunch break, Ann
An honest living best she can
Wants peace and quiet off working
But some weird outcast pounds on string
Noise just for himself, must he come here?

So You See
Ann's aware unconscious she silent wars with Fred
Fred don't know
He only go
Being pushed inside his head
Ann has home where she's content
Fred plays blank-eyed his lament
     (people craving something more)

Rag-dressed long-hair with a flower
Those with money, those with power
Try to make themselves deserve
Love's bliss kiss to towards them swerve
Adolescent with complexion curse.

Everybody wants it, needs it
I don't know why but naught exceeds it
We hoard it like it's something rare
And fight for it midst tooth and hair
Bumper sticker says to "love a nurse'

So You See
For person's finding, must another lose?
For everywhere
There's an affair
Does a third one turn to booze?
The woman waiting in a car
The old neurotic movie-star
     (They'll care but cannot share)

There are many sometimes lonely
Because of gods like "one and only"
But that's twixt you and those you know
Machinist and guitarist, though,
Forever lunch or play in separation.

So You See.


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