Only Silence

Blank-brained we
Forget and Understand.
Stand under love,
Beyond metaphor.
Nothing has meaning because we mean everything.
Earth knows us.
Crying for what we have lost.
Innocence becomes not-guilty.
Language sticks with half-accuracy,
So only silence will do.
The red gets deeper as the valentine shapes move together,
But so does the green, and it has no shape.
Beneath emotion: human beings loving.

'Twas there, 'twas stopped, 'twas stillness, it wavered, and then:
Gasps for air
And the things of the world returned to former status.


* * * * * * *
I submited this to "The Eclectic" -- the West Georgia College student literary journal. The editor, by way of rejecting it, wrote this note (red ink):
"Very existential. Very intellectualized, Steven. But I just don't feel it. -G.S."
There were a couple others that got in, in I think: "Black Tresses Still" and "Epistle to Dr. Matthews." Those I don't have.

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