Marjorie Me

I was in a crowded room
The lights were bright inside
Outside the dew shone in the gloom
I leaned against a bar.

Was there a glass in my hand?
If so I was not drinking
There was a noise -- was there a band?
I was not listening.

I observed the way I do;
Followed paths of my own thought
Then Marjorie appeared in moods of blue
To speak to me of truth and depth

People, people everywhere
Let's go outside to talk
So out we stepped to fresher air
And paused upon wet lawn

"Oh you!" she screamed "Let me be!
You slick-voiced, wise-fool fraud.
With gentle, sage advice you've seemed to counsel me
But all you know are lies!

"False understanding, flee from your eyes
There's nothing that you see
Your ears are deaf to my soulful cries
Yet you pretend to hear.

"I want no more of your deceit"
She then battered me to the ground
I did not soon get to my feet
The dew seeped through my pants.


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